Friday, 9 August 2013

Working through a filter

I'm back with another round up of my latest #WiP of this past week via my instagram (I promise there's a point to all this Instagram referencing and to be perfectly honest i'm running out of pun titles).
As I've mentioned before I was invited to take part in a local gallery exhibition which will start at the end of August in Chester. I decided to take the time to produce some new and fresh work to pop up on the walls.
This week I've been finalising the images, transferring them to lino blocks and started to carve them out. I have four in total and some pretty nice feeling, fancy looking, (mega expensive) Chinese printmaking paper. I know how to treat my linocuts.

I originally planned to have a few other illustrations but due to space and time (not that kind) I decided to stick to a series of 4. I liked a certain hummingbird which was in one of the illustrations that was cut so I put it into another illustration.

Here's a little sneak peak at the illustration it is now in. This series of illustrations are more character based and fun than some of the projects I worked on in University.

For anyone who ever wondered, owning a parrot and working as an illustrator often don't mix.

 So over the weekend the plan is to have all the lino carved out and ready to go for a living room printing session on Monday morning.
Expect an Instagram post!

I went back over a recent typography experiment to add a little dash of colour and found the results quite useful!

Until Next time!

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